Impromptu Task

Study-related projects as well as an Impromptu Task have to be submitted:


THE SPACE INBETWEEN - between space

We permanently move between changing places, between contrasting positions and contradictory concepts. The SPACE INBETWEEN can become a protected space, a place of personal freedom or a place of limitation. The SPACE INBETWEEN can be a separating or connecting, a permanent or temporary, a voluntary or forced "social" space between being "not yet" or "no longer" used.

This space inbetween can be chosen fictitiously, in urban or rural living environments.

In the context of its genius loci, an expressive concept should give the chosen SPACE INBETWEEN a function and an attitude, for example: Is this a place of staying, refuge, interaction, connection and networking, of integration or isolation, etc.?

The personal idea is to be illustrated in the form of individually selected, concept-supporting presentation techniques, such as visualizations, model photos, collages, drawings, sketches, etc.


The application is to be submitted by email to

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or by mail (two copies) to:

AIT ArchitekturSalon Hamburg
Bei den Mühren 70
D-20457  Hamburg

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